Daishin Trading

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Transaction Guide
STEP by STEP....
  1. You select the vehicle which you would like to order and send us e-mail with the car ID number ( car@daishintrading.com ).
  2. We confirm the vehicles details, price (subject to exchange rate) and inform you of approximate delivery times.
  3. You review the final order and if agreed then place a Commitment Order along with a 65% deposit (PayPal account is also available) or 100% full payment.
  4. We begin the shipping process. Vehicle is shipped F.O.B or C.I.F from Nagoya or Osaka.
  5. You complete the remaining 35% payment to our bank within 5 days from the day you receive the scan copy of B/L from us by e-mail.
  6. As soon as we confirmed the remaining payment, we send you the original documents such as B/L, invoice, registration paper its translation by DHL by airmail.
  7. The vehicle is yours.